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Lucio Arce


Featured artist for May is Lucio Arce with his new CD “A la salida del cabaret”

I know, this is a 2012 CD, but sometimes it takes time to get a new CD up to the tropical north. Listening to the songs, I was totally fascinated by the new sound of Lucio Arce who builds a bridge from traditional tango style to modern chanson, but you still can feel a little bit of the master Carlos Gardel in the background. It is mainly unplugged “singer songwriter” tango, but it feels good and it is really danceable.

Songs to listen online:

Video of the title song:

You may also want to look at his old album “Tangos inesperados” from 2004:


Video of the most intriguing song, a traditional milonga (“Una fiesta del camacho”) and a totally fabulous video. If this one doesn´t get you to the dancefloor, then you have to get an appointment with the tango doctor :

Cheers from your Tango-DJ: Ricardo (“El Alemán”)

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