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Fabio Hager Sexteto


During my last stay in Buenos Aires I bought two CDs of Fabio Hager Sexteto (Retorno and Zona de Riesgo), which is a very special and really versatile Tango orchestra. The range goes from jazzy Quickstep (Rubias de New York) to traditional songs (Recuerdo and El Apache Argentino) to Piazzolla songs (Zita, Libertango) and some really beautiful new interpretations of older songs (Patetico). Especially the last one is arranged in very modern style with high dynamics. I was really impressed by that, I consider this a nice song for shows and I think we will see lots of couples in the future performing to that one (see below).

Fabio Hager

Fabio Hager


Not all songs can be played in a Milonga, but if you are looking for a modern style tango orchestra with both (?) feets on the ground of musical tango heritage, this orchestra is really worth a try.




OK, here some Videos, let´s start with “Recuerdo”

and for the Piazzolla lovers here “Adios Nonino”:

and finally, my favourite (Patetico) danced by Facundo Montenegro and Katerina Marao (sorry for losing the focus on the musicians, but it is really a nice show):


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