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Hi all,
Tango is usually seen as a culture located 60 years in the past, but it breathes in the present, both in terms of dance and music. So today I would like to introduce the Orquesta Tipica El Afronte. Staying in San Telmo and visiting the local Milongas, I have seen them playing at the Maldita Milonga at Peru 571 (greetings and thanks to Laura) and I actually was able to get their one and only (?) CD “Intimo Punal”.

If you ever visit Buenos Aires, they also play at Plaza Dorriego. Some of the modern flavoured tunes can be listened to at their Webpage:

It may be difficult to describe their style, but even being carefully, there is a lot of Pugliese inside. Especially reinterpreting a traditional song like “Mi Dolor” in a completely different style is challenging and creates a special sound experience. I personally believe, this is the music, that should be played at milongas and that should challenge modern Tango dancers.


Please enjoy with me some of the YouTube videos:

And just to prove that you can dance to this type of music, here are Daniel Montano and Natalia Ochoa performing to OT El Afronte:

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