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Nuevo vs. Milonguero Style – still confused ?


I have seen Tango communities break apart because of that stupid question and this problem seems to be a constant one all over the world. Really ? Not in Argentina. Somehow at least this problem seems not to be recognized there. It seems that lots of the modern teachers are members of the “one tango” fraction. Interestingly, the question has also been researched in a PhD thesis written by Carolyn Merritt:

A good and short summary with lots of quotes from the Argentineans who designed modern tango can be found here:

What can we learn from this ? The educated and open minded tanguero should know that the so called Nuevo is just a description for new elements introduced into tango since around 1995. This is not a new style of dancing. The hold just has to be adjusted to the condition of the dancefloor and the energy of the movements. So seeing a traditional flavoured couple dancing in open embrace is not uncommon and also masters associated with “nuevo” can be seen dancing in a close embrace. This is the quintessence of an enrichment and it should not be misused as a reason for restriction.



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