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OT Misteriosa Buenos Aires


Among the many Orchestras in BsAs those are interesting who play tango for dancers. Visiting the small and bigger milongas there, you will frequently find these orchestras playing for some tangos and for the dancing crowd. At La Viruta (Armenia 1366) or Salon Canning (Av. Raul Scalabrini Ortiz 1331) you may frequently see OT Misteriosa Buenos Aires.

OT Misteriosa BsAs is a sexteto tipico with two additional violins and singer. The name is very interesting, because this is a reference to an old Argentinean short story collection “Misteriosa Buenos Aires” by Manuel Mujica Lainez, illustrating life in BsAs.

The Orquesta has been founded in 2008 by director Javier Arias who plays the piano. It includes a double bass, 2-3 bandoneons, 4 violins and singer Eliana Sosa. The style can be described as traditional golden age with fresh sound and also modern tango tunes, without being extremely dramatic and emotional. This suits the dancers and should make the orquesta popular among the dancing community. Also Tango DJs should consider the orchestra definitively worth for a tanda.

The webpage can be found at:


Their latest CD “De Salon” from 2010 can be prelistened here:!music/c10tw


Here some youtube examples of modern and traditional songs:




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