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Tengo una pregunta para vos

“Tengo una pregunta para vos” (translated: I have a question for you) is not a spanish course nor a TV show. It is a series of public interviews conducted by Pepa Palazon and hosted at DNI (Tango school, Bulnes 1011) in Buenos Aires. The event is generally free and the VIPs interviewed there are the most important people in the old and new Tango community of Buenos Aires, starting with Mariano “Chicho” Frumboli in October 2011 to Gloria & Rodolfo Dinzel in June 2014.  Pepa herself is a great Tango dancer and organizer of milongas (at Villa Malcolm). If you really want to know about the history of Tango and the development of dance and music, You definitely have to listen to these events, which are normally posted on Youtube. They now even try to give these interviews English subtitles, so you don´t have to stress your Spanish any more.

The original website of the program can be found here:

Here is Pepas Twitter Page:

This is a great program and it is made specially for educated Tangueros ! So thank you Pepa for organizing these great events and bringing us closer to the real Tango culture.

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And here are just some of these Interviews (please find the others on YouTube):

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