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Traditional Milongas in Buenos Aires (Interviews)

There is an ongoing discussion in some Tango communities about the “purity” of a Milonga. Many people think that only Milongas with Music from 1920 to 1940 (“golden age”) are real Milongas and justified by history. Actually this is not true. Milongas always were places where people had fun and a cheap opportunity to dance, whatever music was fashionable. In old times, this was jazz or candombe, today it may be Salsa, Neotango or milongueable nontango music. Having a preference for golden age tangos is Ok, because there is no music compareable to the big tango orchestras, but we may also consider to give people some fun with a broad variety of music.

I just found some interviews on the net, describing, how the traditional milongas in Buenos Aires really were like:

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