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Rafael Canaro – the little brother


Rafael Canaro was born on 22. June 1890 in San Jose de Mayo in Uruguay as brother of Francisco Canaro (Francisco had three other brothers: Luis, Rafael and Mario, all of them Tango musicians) [1]. In 1925 Rafael visited Paris as part of Franciscos orchestra during the second tangomania and played the double bass and also the singing saw (!) [1]. In 1926 he returned to Paris and started his carreer as orchestra leader with his own orchestra playing until 1936. In Europe he had the chance to play with Carlos Gardel and became his closest friend. Because of the WW2 he returned to Buenos Aires and continued his carreer until he died on 28. January 1972.

Rafael is well known because of his composition (together with Francisco) „Sentimiento Gaucho“ and the records he made in Europe (France and Germany) for Odeon and Regal [2].

Especially these songs are again in the focus of modern Milongas, especially the records with Luis Scalon as a Singer. Here is one example for a Tanda proposed by DJ Yüksel:



Here another record with Raoul Sander singing in French („Rien que nous deux“):



This is a record with Jaime Plana from 1936:



and finally “Melodia de nuestro adios” again in French:




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