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Richard & Anja

“El Tango es una forma de ser” (H.Ferrer)

I am dancing since I was 16 and I had a lot of fun dancing and competing. During my late years of competition dancing and during my training as an instructor for ballroom & latin competition couples, I have learned, that a good dancer always has to search for the roots of dance and music. Starting with ballroom tango, I have tried to improve my choreographies by including elements from Argentine Tango and original Argentine music. This was my way to become involved with the real and original Tango from Argentina and Uruguay. I started to learn Tango, mostly inspired by my teachers Ricardo and Nicole and finally forgot the ballroom Tango, which was not challenging for me any more because it lacks the cultural background. From my education as a ballroom instructor (under supervision of Bernd & Evelyn Hörmann from Hamburg) and some years of AiKiDo training I have kept a deep knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and kinetics of body movements. My idea of dancing is to understand movement of a couple as a flow of energy inside and outside of a connected system of two people. My prefered dance style in Tango is Tango Liquido trying to find a synthesis of Tango Fantasia/Tango Nuevo and Close Embrace Tango, depending on the conditions of dance floor and music.

As a Tango DJ, I have studied music history of Tango and I have collected Tango music from all over the world. I believe that a good tango only can be danced to good and authentic music.

Tango is not only a dance, it is a cultural identity. Understanding this, I have a deep respect and sympathy for the culture of Argentina, its people and traditions, its literature and poetry. As a Gringo/Guiri with a limited knowledge of Castellano, I will probably never understand that completely, but I try to do my very best.

Tango is not any more an exclusive property of the porteños – it is today an international phenomenon. Tango works by sharing and building communities. I believe, that tango cannot grow, if it has an exclusive commercial background. Tango works by creating communities and volunteering inside these communities.
Using this blog, I want to share my little knowledge about Tango and help making other Tango lovers understand that Tango is much much more than some steps on the dancefloor.

This is my CV in regards to music and dancing:



1988-1989    Lessons Tango Argentino with Fabiana Jarma (Frankfurt)
2002-2006    Lessons with: Nicole Nau & Luis Pereyra, Fabiana Jarma & Julio Gordillo,
Ricardo „El hollandes“ Klapwijk and Rotraut Rumbaum

Since 2004 Lessons in USA (San Antonio), Australia (Brisbane) and Buenos Aires

Since 2003: Teacher of Tango Classes at the University of Marburg (Germany)

Since 2011: Teacher of Tango Classes in Cairns (QLD, Australia)

2014-2015: President of the Cairns Tango Club


Tango DJ

Tango DJ with a broad spectrum from Guardia vieja to Electrotango

Since 2013: DJ / VJ for the Cairns Community

Since 2014: DJing for international events


Music History

Certificate in Music History from Funkkolleg Germany
after graduation from study period 1987/1988.


Ballroom Teacher

1975    first ballroom/Latin course
1979    first competition for GTC Black/Silver Trier (Germany)
1981    Regular competitions for RWC-Marburg (Germany)
1984    Progression into B class Ballroom/Latin after 2 years
1983    Trainer course within DTV (German Dancesport Association)
1986    License as a trainer C Ballroom/Latin
1992    License as a trainer B (Ballroom)
1994    License as a trainer B (Latin)
1996    Member of TSTV (German trainer association for dancesport)
1999    Progression into Sen.-I A-class as finalist of state championship
2001    Adjudicator license for DTSA
2004    Progression into highest german competition class (Sen.-I S-Ballroom) after 39 competitions
and 26 finalist places among that 10x places 1-3)
2005    Medal of Honour from the City of Marburg (Germany) for athletic achievments in
competitive dancing


Richard & Petra during ballroom competition


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